Launch Jacking Review

So you’re interested in Launch Jacking, eh? You’ve seen promises of fast money and a stress-free online business that can be run from a coffee shop. Now you’re curious if Launch Jacking is for you. In this post, I’ll explain the details about Launch Jacking, their pros, cons and the best way to “do it the right way” if you insist on still pursuing the business model of Launch Jacking.

What is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is when you try to outrank an “official” website in order to earn commissions on product sales. You creatie, promote and rank a website that offers a bonus with purchase or review in return for a commission from the sale. Most affiliates, in order to “drop a cookie”, use Exit Popups once a visitors realizes the review/bonus site sucks. That Exit Popup redirects to the official site using their affiliate link and the affiliate gets paid. That’s some shady stuff, by the way, and I don’t approve of it. It is, however, the reality of the marketplace right now. Every site I see ranking near the top does this nowadays and no one seems to care. There are, however, some problem that can arise…

The Problems with Launch Jacking

  • The launch can fail. You’ll spend weeks, time and money ranking a website for a launch that, basically, sucked and didn’t attract any real traffic or hype. Time to try again.
  • The launch traffic and hype is short-lived.  In this scenario, you make a lot of money in the first 2 weeks, then it starts to dwindle away. Back to McDonald’s with ya!
  • A bad launch reputation can ruin yours. The launch ends up being a complete scam. Someone figures out you’re promoting it and now your reputation is compromised.
  • They kill, change or ban you from the affiliate program. Your sales and business model dies. ‘Nuff said.
  • They never pay out.They claim you broke their Affiliate Terms of Service and refuse to pay you. You’re cooked.
  • FTC comes after you for promoting a scam program. Doubtful, but possible. Your Launch Jacking (and possible real) career is over.

The Benefits of Launch Jacking

  • You can earn some quick and, potentially, long-term cash. If you find a reputable affiliate program, you can create quite a long term business model. It will end someday, though, so make sure you build some kind of assets.
  • You can build a list if you’re offering a bonus with purchase or other freebie. This goes hand in hand with my prior comment. Make sure you’re building some kind of asset. Preferably a tribe of some kind.
  • Be anonymous. You can easily create sites that don’t feature your name or photo so you can remain as anonymous as you like.
  • Little cash required. Most people that do this build their own sites and promote the sites themselves. There’s an opportunity (time) cost involved, but no actual monetary cost.

How to Do Launch Jacking the Right Way

If I can’t talk you out of Launch Jacking, then please remember these 3 words. GTL. Get The Lead. Every time you build a site, try to get a lead into your mailing list or funnel. Build an asset that continues to grow and bring revenue once the Luanch Hype (and your crappy review site) fail.

And in the process, do your best to be an honest, ethical and cool marketer that wins your list’s heart. That way, you can build your own, real brand and walk away from Launch Jacking forever. It’s fine for starting out and learning to promote…but it’s terrible as a long-term business model.

That said, if you’re looking for a recommendation, check out this training course. They’re one of the few marketers that teach Launch Jacking the right way. Good luck!

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