Ultimate Ebook Creator Review

Ultimate Ebook Creator Update

This Ultimate Ebook Creator Review was published back in March 2, 2013. Since then, the author has corrected all the issues in this review. It is now working correctly and is recommended for Kindle Ebook formatting.

I purchased Ultimate Ebook Creator based on some recommendations in the Warrior Forum Kindle Book Club. Unfortunately, the software was very buggy. Here is my Ultimate Ebook Creator Review.

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HitTail Review – A Comprehensive Review of HitTail by a Blogger

Looking for a comprehensive HitTail Review? I’ve put together a detailed HitTail Review weighing the pros and cons for various blog owners.

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Launch Jacking Review

So you’re interested in Launch Jacking, eh? You’ve seen promises of fast money and a stress-free online business that can be run from a coffee shop. Now you’re curious if Launch Jacking is for you. In this post, I’ll explain the details about Launch Jacking, their pros, cons and the best way to “do it the right way” if you insist on still pursuing the business model of Launch Jacking.

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Premium Viral Magnet Review

Premium Viral Magnet is an automated WordPress plugin that promotes Viral Traffic by offering subscribers extra rewards for referring friends. I decided to write a quick Premium Viral Magnet Review for those of you thinking about investing in it. This is a powerful WordPress Plugin with lots of features built in. Let’s go… [Read more…]

Kayako vs Zendesk – A No-Holds Barred Comparison

A few years ago, I bought an “owned” license of Kayako that resides on my domain. Since I’m always looking for better solutions, my eye recently wandered over to Zendesk. Why? A few days ago, I found out the Zendesk Starter Plan is $20 per year. That’s very, very affordable for most startup companies. Along the way, I found out some interesting stuff. So here we go Kayako vs. Zendesk. [Read more…]