WP No Escape Not Working

Some time around December 15, 2013, all installations of WP No Escape, an exit popup plugin stopped working across the internet. Hundreds of website owners are affected and in this post I’ll discuss the reason why it broke.

When the WP No Escape plugin was originally created by Jim Reilly, it was reliant on a critical piece of script on a 3rd party server on a questionable domain. Some time around December 15th. 2013, that server went down and has not come back online. As a result, all installations of WP No Escape no longer work and exit popups are not being generated. Since that server has disappeared forever, there is no way to recover the files being used by the script. To make matters worse, the developer is unknown and the owner of the server was unresponsive (I tried).

So, in a nutshell, you’re out of luck with WP No Escape. You can try to hire a developer but that will cost you several hundred dollars while they attempt to reverse engineer the script.



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