Recording Podcast with iPad

Is it possible to record a podcast with an iPad? Yes, it is.  More importantly, is it possible to record a high quality podcast on the iPad? That’s the purpose of this quick podcast test with my iPad and a few microphones I have lying around.

Today I decided to run a few tests. In particular, I wanted to find out what sounds better, the iPad onboard microphone, the iPad white wired headset or an Audiotechnica AT2020USB plugged in using the USB to iPad Camera Connection converter.

The results were pretty interesting. Here’s two recordings for you to listen to and decide…

Raw Podcast Recording with iPad – Various Microphones

(No normalization or effects applied)

Normalized Podcast Recording with iPad – Various Microphones

(Normalization applied to equalize sound levels)

Recording Podcast with iPad Onboard Microphone

The onboard microphone was the worst of them all. I cannot recommend ever using the iPad’s onboard microphone for recording a podcast or interview. You’re better off finding that old 1980’s cassette player and recording on tape. Then hand over the tape to some monkeys for post-processing in a cage full of sugar and caffeine.

Recording with the iPad Wired Microphone

The wired microphone showed a significant improvement. I especially liked the sound when I raised the wire so it was parallel to my jaw on the side of my face. This microphone sounded surprisingly good and can serve as a decent alternative to recording podcasts.

Recording Podcast with Audiotechnica AT2020

The sound quality of the AT2020 was great…but the levels were very, very low. When you see it as a waveform it becomes even more obvious. If you look at the screenshot below, you can see the AT2020 levels on the far right. So although it sounds great, it required post-production work to bring the levels up to a normal level. If you don’t mind the extra step, then this might be your best sounding option.

iPad Recording Waveform AT2020

So Is Recording a Podcast with an iPad Possible?

Yes, it is possible but don’t expect incredible studio quality sound. It gets the job done and provides a perfect way to capture impromptu sessions or recordings while you’re traveling or just trying to get away from your desk to speak a little.

Which Recording Did You Like the Best?

Post your thoughts below…

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