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The True Costs of Running a Self-Hosted Email Autoresponder Server

Today I read a great question regarding self-hosted email autoresponder servers. Here’s the question: “I have searched and have not found much information on ARP Reach. I am really interested in trying it out but I would like to hear from others using this service, if it’s worth the cost compared to Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp etc. I would also like to know if there are any other costs involved besides the one-time fee you pay for the software. I would appreciate the feedback, thanks!”

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Why I Love WiredTree Hosting

Alert! WiredTree Was Bought

In an ironic twist of fate, WiredTree was bought out by LiquidWeb in November 2016. All WiredTree customers will be migrated to LiquidWeb servers as a result. After hearing this, I can no longer recommend WiredTree since LiquidWeb doesn’t upgrade VPS customers every few years. Instead, I recommend Knownhost.

All my critical sites use WiredTree as a host. I’ve been with them for a few years. Before then, I was with LiquidWeb. LiquidWeb was pretty good, but I left. Why? Keep reading…

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Recording Podcast with iPad

Is it possible to record a podcast with an iPad? Yes, it is.  More importantly, is it possible to record a high quality podcast on the iPad? That’s the purpose of this quick podcast test with my iPad and a few microphones I have lying around.

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Google Apps Free Email Hosting Alternative

Well, the Google Apps Free Standard Email Hosting service is closed as of a few days ago. Luckily I found a pretty good Google Apps Free Email alternative!

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How to Embed GetResponse Web Forms in StudioPress Theme Sidebars

I use StudioPress a lot. They make beautiful, fast-loading themes. They also make appealing sidebars for newsletter signups. Unfortunately, those sidebars are hardcoded for Feedburner. If you’re using GetResponse like me, here’s the sidebar code for embedding a GetResponse Web Form into your StudioPress sidebar

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