Google Apps Free Email Hosting Alternative

Well, the Google Apps Free Standard Email Hosting service is closed as of a few days ago. Luckily I found a pretty good Google Apps Free Email alternative!

Admittedly, I grew very dependent on Google Apps Free Edition. I found myself using it as a normal part of domain setups. I loved the fact my server didn’t have to store or handle any email. This allowed me to use my servers for it’s real purpose…hosting website content. With the death of Google Apps Free Edition, I set out to find an alternative email hosting provider.

There was only one decent winner.

Windows Live Free Custom Domain Hosting

Microsoft. Yes…Microsoft. They provide free email hosting for your custom domain using Live and From what I’ve read, they provide either 5gb or unlimited space.I haven’t even hit 2gb on my main account, so I’m not too worried.

So going forward, I’ll be using Microsoft instead of Google Apps for Free Email hosting. I hope they keep it around for a while unlike Google.

Click here for instructions on setting up your email with Windows Live Custom Domains.

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