What is the .PW Domain Name and Should You Use It

What is the .PW domain? It’s a new top level domain name (TLD) that belongs to the country of Palau. The more important question is…should you use it? The short answer is no. Here’s why…

The other day, I received a comment on my .Com, .Net or .Org article by Lamis asking if .pw is a domain name worth buying. So I did some research and started looking around.

Note: Every time I see a new TLD, I get that sinking feeling in my stomach because it’s very hard to educate people on new domains. It seems like people only recognize .com, .net and .org by default. Everything else provokes confusion.

Why .PW Domain Will Fail

Back to .pw. I’ll save you a lot of research. The .pw domain is destined to fail. You can thank the email spammers for this one (along with .info).

I have access to a lot of email accounts and high end spam filtering software. Guess what I found when I started looking through the logs? Thousands of .pw addresses are now being used by spammers to bypass filters.

Sample .PW Domain Spam

PW Domain Name Spam PW Domain Name Spam PW Domain Name Spam

It’s a matter of time before the major email service providers start creating filters for the .pw domains. And as a business, you’ll face an uphill battle trying to convince email service providers that you’re a legitimate company.

Also, Google doesn’t like non-US domain names. I’ve experienced this problem first hand with .me domains.

Final Answer on .PW Domain

Stay away from the .pw domain tld. I don’t see them going anywhere useful at this point.



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