What is the .PW Domain Name and Should You Use It

What is the .PW domain? It’s a new top level domain name (TLD) that belongs to the country of Palau. The more important question is…should you use it? The short answer is no. Here’s why…

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Is Google +1 The Future of Social Search?

Google recently rolled out their new Google +1  button. So what exactly does it do? And how does it affect your business? [Read more…]

How Did the Google Farmer Update Affect Article Marketing?

Google released an algorithmic change called the “Content Farmer Update” a month ago. Now people are curious if it’s worth marketing with articles. Here’s my opinion on the matter.
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Which Domain Extension Should I Use? .Com .Net .Org .Info or .Us

So…which domain name extension should you use? .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO or .US? The answer depends on your business model. If you want to learn more about these extensions (and their ability to rank on Search Engines), read on. [Read more…]

Essential Pages for Top Google Ranking

Nowadays, good content is not enough. You also need to be transparent with your visitors. Andrew Hansen recently released a great blog post on this very topic.
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