LeadPlayer Is No Longer For Sale – Here Are Some Alternatives

2021 Update! Per the comment below, LeadPlayer is back. Now LeadPlayer popups run independently without relying on YouTube or Vimeo API, means no mess with your core content. You can use default embed code that YouTube & Vimeo provide with full peace of mind… Whew!

LeadPlayer was one of the best YouTube plugins for showing optins during a video. Unfortunately, LeadPlayer is no longer for sale. Here’s the reason it was removed and some solid LeadPlayer alternatives to replace it.

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Ultimate Ebook Creator Review

This Ultimate Ebook Creator Review was published back in March 2, 2013. Since then, the author has corrected all the issues in this review. It is now working correctly and is recommended for Kindle Ebook formatting.

I purchased Ultimate Ebook Creator based on some recommendations in the Warrior Forum Kindle Book Club. Unfortunately, the software was very buggy. Here is my Ultimate Ebook Creator Review.

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Launch Jacking Review

So you’re interested in Launch Jacking, eh? You’ve seen promises of fast money and a stress-free online business that can be run from a coffee shop. Now you’re curious if Launch Jacking is for you. In this post, I’ll explain the details about Launch Jacking, their pros, cons and the best way to “do it the right way” if you insist on still pursuing the business model of Launch Jacking.

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