Launch Jacking Review

So you’re interested in Launch Jacking, eh? You’ve seen promises of fast money and a stress-free online business that can be run from a coffee shop. Now you’re curious if Launch Jacking is for you. In this post, I’ll explain the details about Launch Jacking, their pros, cons and the best way to “do it the right way” if you insist on still pursuing the business model of Launch Jacking.

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Product Creation or Affiliate Marketing. Which is Better?

Should I become an affiliate marketer or should I create my own product? I see this question a lot these days. I’m going to take 20 minutes from this beautiful Saturday morning to share some important career advice with you. Here we go… [Read more…]

Redirecting Affiliate Links Inside Rebrandable Reports and PDFs

Giving away free and rebrandable PDF reports are a great, time-tested method of acquiring free traffic. As people find them, read them and pass them around, your traffic, optins and sales grow. But there’s a common problem with PDF and Free Reports being made by marketers. The problem lies in their links. [Read more…]

How to Contact Your Clickbank Affiliates

Let me guess. You’re promoting a product on Clickbank and you never bothered collecting affiliate emails. Now you want to contact your clickbank affiliates. Problem is, it’s not easy. Here’s a quick method that works…but requires some effort.

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WP InstantPay – Instant Affiliate Commissions with WordPress and Paypal

Big Mike and the team at have released a new product called WP InstantPay. This new WordPress plugin is the first plugin of it’s kind to use Paypal’s new Adaptive Payment API to secure product delivery while  instantly splitting affiliate commissions at the point of sale. [Read more…]