WP InstantPay – Instant Affiliate Commissions with WordPress and Paypal

WP-InstantPay is no longer available. I recommend using JVZoo instead. It offers much more functionality, integrations and reliability for a lower price. Click Here to check it out.

Big Mike and the team at Incansoft.com have released a new product called WP InstantPay. This new WordPress plugin is the first plugin of it’s kind to use Paypal’s new Adaptive Payment API to secure product delivery while  instantly splitting affiliate commissions at the point of sale.

For those of you that are familiar, this is like running DigiResults on your own server (without the 3rd party fee).

Instant Paypal Commissions with WP InstantPay

By using PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API, combined with WordPress’ API, WP InstantPay combines a complete Sales Processing and Order Fulfillment system with the most desired instant affiliate program by affiliates.

Simply put, WP InstantPay instantly pays affiliates and vendors at the time of sale. This plugin does not rotate sales between transactions like other plugins. It actually splits the commission between the vendor and affiliate immediately at the point of transaction. When your customer arrives at PayPal from an affiliate link, WP InstantPay works with PayPal to split the payment between the affiliate, seller and even an Equity Partner if you have one. Affiliate love being paid in real time…and so will you since this creates a huge incentive for affiliates to promote your products.

Secure Order Fulfillment

WP InstantPay flawlessly integrates 9 templates for you to sell your products, from sales and thank you pages, to affiliate sign ups and legal documentation. It’s literally a business in a box, complete with Affiliate Program and Secure Order fulfillment!

Your digital products are stored securely with no possibility of them appearing in search engines or being accessed directly through a web browser. You control how long download links remain active (in days and number of downloads) and can easily reset them as needed by customers.

Also, with the built-in email system you can easily contact your Affiliates, Customers and Equity Partners in whole or by product, to let them know about updates, new products and so forth. Fully compliant with CAN-SPAM, your recipients can automatically opt-out of future mailings with one click. That’s right..it comes with a built-in email system and future upgrades will integrate with popular autoresponder services.

WP InstantPay Features and Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Secure, expiring download links for your products.
  • Built-in Email system for Affiliates, Customers and Equity Partners.
  • 9 templates for you to sell your products, from sales and thank you pages, to affiliate sign ups and legal documentation
  • Instantly split commission payments between the vendor, affiliate and any equity partners at the point of sale.
  • View your Affiliate’s performance, earnings, refunds, etc inside WordPress.
  • Forget about tax reporting issues, because the affiliate’s share was never in your possession!
  • Got a refund? You and your affiliate are automatically debited your shares and the download links are disabled instantly. There’s nothing for you to get involved in or worry about!
  • Set up unlimited products on unlimited personal domains, you can easily launch a product with an Affiliate program, over and over and over with minimal effort on your part.
  • Got upsells? WP InstantPay’s one-click OTO system enables you to easily package follow up offers to your customers!

WP InstantPay ScreenshotWP InstantPay Requirements

  • PayPal Business Account
  • PayPal API Signature Credentials
  • PayPal Application ID
  • WordPress 3.x or Higher
  • MySQL 5.X or Higher
  • PHP 5.2 or Higher
  • Web Hosting And Domain
  • Zend Optimizer 3.3 or Higher

This WordPress plugin now makes it possible to run your own personal Paypal Instant Commission affiliate program without placing all your eggs in another person’s basket. Also…since you own the solution, there’s no need to pay third party “middle man” fees.

I’ve already bought a copy since Big Mike plans on adding more features and raising the price.

Click Here to Visit WP Instant Pay

8 thoughts on “WP InstantPay – Instant Affiliate Commissions with WordPress and Paypal”

  1. If I were to set up my website where I would host ads for people selling products, with the arrangement that upon the purchase, buyer uses PayPal and the moneys get split between me as the host and the seller?

    Please let me know if this is something that can be done.



    • Brian, to do this, you’ll need to be a Equity partner with the product creator. You can do this at DigiResults.

  2. I am trying to find contact information for this plugin, I have a few questions, do you have an email for them?

    My question is, with instantpay. Will the customer be able to see how much money Both myself and the affiltate are splitting?

    Will there be a way to hide that, Also, is there a way to hide how much I make, from the affiliate?

  3. Groovy, thanks a mil! Yea, I just dont like the idea of a customer getting confused as to who they are acutally paying. Also, do you know if this plugin works with SSL? or Paypal Express? so that the customer is never taken off of my website?

    All questions for support I know, but since ur here 🙂

    thx again.

    • Sorry, John. I really don’t know about those questions (they’re good ones). When you find out, you’re welcome to update the comments area. I’m curious as well. If you really want to keep the transaction a mystery to the consumer, you might need to use a “service” as opposed to a self-hosted plugin. The services that offer instant Paypal payment as of today are DigiResults, Payspree, JVZoo, WarriorPlus and Zaxaa (in Beta).

  4. Great info and some new plugins I hadn’t seen before! Thanks for the great effort to put this together. Appreciated! Susanne


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