WP InstantPay – Instant Affiliate Commissions with WordPress and Paypal


WP-InstantPay is no longer available. I recommend using JVZoo instead. It offers much more functionality, integrations and reliability for a lower price. Click Here to check it out.

Big Mike and the team at Incansoft.com have released a new product called WP InstantPay. This new WordPress plugin is the first plugin of it’s kind to use Paypal’s new Adaptive Payment API to secure product delivery while  instantly splitting affiliate commissions at the point of sale. [Read more…]

How To Setup An Affiliate Program for Services

Are you a writer, artist or freelancer that’s currently selling services? Are you thinking about running an affiliate program to boost sales and leads? If so, this article was made for you. In it, I discuss the various options available to freelancers for setting up affiliate programs to pay salespeople a commission on sales. [Read more…]