How to Automatically Add Buyers to your Autoresponder Email List

If you’re selling anything via Paypal, you must collect your buyer’s emails into a unique buyer’s list. This buyer’s list, if treated right, can continue to bring in revenue far into the future. I’m still receiving several thousands per month from a buyer’s list I created in 2009. However, you do not need expensive, 3rd party software such as DLGuard or Nanacast to automatically add buyers to the 3 major autoresponders on the market. [Read more…]

WP InstantPay – Instant Affiliate Commissions with WordPress and Paypal

Big Mike and the team at have released a new product called WP InstantPay. This new WordPress plugin is the first plugin of it’s kind to use Paypal’s new Adaptive Payment API to secure product delivery while  instantly splitting affiliate commissions at the point of sale. [Read more…]