Internet Marketer’s Ultimate Resource List

“Where can I get some free stock photos, graphics,  images, vector, buttons of sounds for internet marketing?” I see this question a lot. Here is a full list of resources I’ve collected over the years.

Free Webinar Providers and Meeting Services

  • Zoom. My choice for Online Meetings and Webinars.  It records meetings, allows screen sharing and up to 100 participants but it’s limited to 40 minutes. I love it and it’s never crashed on me once. I’ve also never lost a recording.
  • Zoho Meeting. Classic meeting software. Only allows one to one free meetings. True meeting software with very few extras in the free account.
  • Join.Me. Super fast, impromptu one-to-one meeting/screensharing software. Perfect for simple “I gotta show you this” moments that don’t need to be recorded.

Free Internet Marketing Graphics Creator

  • Free Marketing Graphics Creator Creates Guarantees, Buttons, Boxes, Headlines and more via a website editor. There are no downloads or installs. Everything is created on-the-fly using the website.
  • Free Ecover Creator. Who doesn’t want a free eCover creator? C’mon!

Free Screencast and Screen Recording Software

  • Screencast-O-Matic Free version limited to 12 minutes, Pro is unlimited and $12/yr. Pretty damn good for semi-short presentations.
  • Jing My favorite. Free and Pro versions are limited to 5 minutes. Free is Branded. Pro is unbranded and allows MP4 downloads for $14.95/yr. Also takes screenshots and allows basic screenshot editing.

Free Stock Photos

Free Vector Art

Free Icons

Free Buttons for Marketers

Free Sound, Music and Loops

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