Butterfly Marketing Script Explained in Detail

Butterfly Marketing is no longer available.

What Does the Butterfly Marketing Script Do?
I see this question a lot ever since the Butterfly Marketing script went Open Source and the website doesn’t really explain it’s true purpose.

Here is a semi-detailed explanation of the script.

Butterfly Marketing Scipt’s Main Purpose

The Butterfly Marketing script is a content management/membership system that allows you to sell digital goods and deliver them inside a member’s area. Anyone that buys your product instantly becomes a member and an affiliate. As an affiliate, they receive a unique link that pays them a commission on each person/sale they refer.
Butterfly Marketing is the actual PHP/MySQL framework that allows this all happen. Imagine WordPress for marketers. This is basically what the Butterfly
Marketing script is.

2 Typical Butterfly Marketing Script Setups

Now you know what it does. Here’s how you would use it in a real world scenario.
Free Product Setup

  • You want to build your mailing list and make some sales. So you decide to
    offer a free report on your main website’s squeeze page (www.yourdomain.com).
  • You create the squeeze page and place the Butterfly Marketing script’s”hooks” in the template you had created. Butterfly Marketing script doesn’t come with templates or graphics.
  • Someone signs up for the free report and they’re instantly sent to your “Upsell” or One Time Offer. (Maybe resell rights or a backend product). If you’re using Authorize.net…they’re instantly charged on their credit card and swept off to the next Upsell/Downsell or OTO. If you’re using Paypal, they’ll need to login to Paypal, continue…login again…etc. Not smooth with Paypal at all. If you’re using Clickbank…you need to get approved for upsells which isn’t easy. So Clickbank users can’t really have a flowing upsell path.
  • Once they’re done with the OTO process they login to the member’s area to get their Free report and upsells/downsells (if purchased).
  • Meanwhile, if you configured Aweber settings, Butterfly Marketing script notifies Aweber to dispatch a confirmation email so they can get on your mailing list.
  • Once in the membership area, the member is presented with their Affiliate details and promotional tools as well.
  • The download files, videos, etc are all kept safe in the members areas and download links are obscrured for safety as well.

Paid Product Setup

  • Same as above except you substitute the Free report teaser with an actual paid product.


There’s only one purpose to the Butterfly Marketing script. Make buyers into Affiliates instantly so your site can go viral. This is a great
script for marketers. Just keep in mind that you’re responsible for paying Affiliates and 1099’s at the end of the year. Good luck. Click here to get
the script for free.

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Marketing Script Explained in Detail”

  1. hi,
    nice comments.
    have you really tried to install it?

    and after that………..

    have you really seen it working?

    better check it again.
    have a nice day,

    • Yes, I’ve installed it and seen it working. However, that was about 1 year ago. Back then, it was famous for being difficult to install. I’m not sure how the open source initiative has resolved these issues. Nowadays, there are much better scripts like LoginFrequencyMarketing (LFM) that kick Butterfly Marketing out of the water.


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