The True Costs of Running a Self-Hosted Email Autoresponder Server

Today I read a great question regarding self-hosted email autoresponder servers. Here’s the question: “I have searched and have not found much information on ARP Reach. I am really interested in trying it out but I would like to hear from others using this service, if it’s worth the cost compared to Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp etc. I would also like to know if there are any other costs involved besides the one-time fee you pay for the software. I would appreciate the feedback, thanks!”

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How to Embed GetResponse Web Forms in StudioPress Theme Sidebars

I use StudioPress a lot. They make beautiful, fast-loading themes. They also make appealing sidebars for newsletter signups. Unfortunately, those sidebars are hardcoded for Feedburner. If you’re using GetResponse like me, here’s the sidebar code for embedding a GetResponse Web Form into your StudioPress sidebar

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How to Automatically Add Buyers to your Autoresponder Email List

If you’re selling anything via Paypal, you must collect your buyer’s emails into a unique buyer’s list. This buyer’s list, if treated right, can continue to bring in revenue far into the future. I’m still receiving several thousands per month from a buyer’s list I created in 2009. However, you do not need expensive, 3rd party software such as DLGuard or Nanacast to automatically add buyers to the 3 major autoresponders on the market. [Read more…]

AutoResponders: What Is The Best Way to Add Subscribers to Your Email List?

Lately, a lot of new software has been popping up for Internet Marketers. Most of these scripts perform the same task: they add subscribers to your Autoresponder List on “Auto-Pilot”. But the problem is, most of them are doing it the wrong way. Here’s an important question before buying that software script or shopping cart. [Read more…]