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Lately I’ve had my eye on WordPress in order to fulfill my needs for a membership website. I originally wanted a Joomla Membership site plugin but couldn’t find any decent ones that didn’t involve messing around with ridiculous amounts of code. After all my searches, I kept coming back to YourMember by Cambridge New Media Services. This is my review after installing it on a client’s website.

7/19/2013 Update: I do not recommend this plugin. The new support costs + the cost of the plugin make this an expensive option for typical WordPress business owners. There are other free alternatives out there like S2Member. I tend to recommend S2Member these days because it’s free and does everything 99% of business owners need. I’m no longer use WordPress to host memberships or process payments. Instead, I use Nanacast to do the heavy lifting and centralize my business.

Teaser Text for the Search Engines

I could very easily have used DLGuard to build a membership site, but alas, I’m greedy. You see, I want the membership site itself to serve as an SEO magnet. I want my ‘member posts’ to have teaser text that the search engines will pick up. This way my posts serve 2 purposes: they offer new content to members and improve my sites search engine exposure.DLGuard unfortunately only blocks an entire page.

To expand, let’s say I was posting a video on creating a WordPress Membership Site . I want the teaser to explain what’s inside the video…and then I want the video itself to be hidden. Google will love the SEO juice and I benefit with each added video I add to the collection.

YourMember does exactly this. It uses a set of [private] [/private] tags to block off private, member content. Instead of seeing the video, they see a prompt to sign up. If you’re a Free member trying to view paid content, it prompts you to Upgrade (you need to customize this yourself in the “Messages” section. In that section, you can precisely control exactly what they see using some tags. You can add images and formatting via HTML.

Membership Roles and Lead Capturing with Autoresponders

The next thing I was looking for was flexibility. I wanted to offer various memberships such as Free , 1 Month, 6 Month and 1 Year. The Free was for the sole purpose of collecting leads. YourMember has an area to drop in Javascript that can automatically add user names/emails to Aweber or other 3rd party scripts. Thing is, there’s no javascript available as of yet to accomplish this with GetResponse, so I see myself contracting a quick javascript expert on oDesk to write up the code.

The remaining membership levels are just gravy. YourMember accommodated everything. You can add as many levels as you desire.

Members Can Upgrade Themselves Automatically

My next concern was getting Free members upgraded to Silver or Gold status. The plugin adds a Widget to WordPress that you simply activate and -tada- Members get a “Member Profile” area where they can upgrade to Silver or Gold Status. You can also add a link to the Upgrade area when they’re logged in and trying to view Silver or Gold content.

Paypal Cancellations

YourMember let’s users cancel their memberships in the WordPress Dashboard via a Paypal button. Don’t worry, they won’t see your actual dashboard. Only a simplified version with just their details. Furthermore, YourMember also respects the remaining terms on the membership. So if I buy a 1 month membership on the 1st and cancel on the 15th, YourMember will allow access through the end of the month. They did pay, right?

What I Didn’t Like

One of the few things I didn’t like was the fact that Javascript code isn’t included yet for  GetResponse. I need to investigate that further. Adding that is icing on the cake in my opinion.

Also, there’s a 2-step process for signing up members. First they need to submit a username/email and subscription choice. WordPress dispatches an email with the password. Then they use the username/password to login and complete the Paypal signup.

Finally, I would like to see some way to drip feed mailings to members. But that’s a pretty specialized request.

Hey, it could be worse, right? (Like the current market for Joomla Membership Modules)


This WordPress Membership Plugin is looking pretty good. The fact you can have a membership site up and running within 1 hour is amazing. And the flexibility with the Member Roles is inspiring.

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  1. Just wanted to update this post, with since it was written we have developed and released about a year ago Mail Manager, which provides support for mass mailing, autoresponders and segmentation amongst your user group through wp-mail. It also supports third party systems such as aweber and MailChimp and I believe customers are testing the GetResponse addition now.

    • Jesus Perez says:

      Tim, long time no see! I’ve already spoken with Glenn over at the WF. I’ll be re-reviewing YourMember as soon as GetResponse integration is built in. I really wish YourMember wasn’t so techy with the Autoresponder integration a year ago. You could have easily taken over as “the” WordPress membership plugin solution. I was really hoping I could promote your product back then at the WF, but the lack of AR integration made it difficult to recommend. I’m glad to see the new direction of your company. In the meantime, any readers should take into consideration that I’m no longer recommending Wishlist Member. I’ll be going in and editing this review shortly. Thanks.

  2. this guy, Tim, sold me his YM plugin, with premium support.

    and when I found some bugs (there are many inside this plugin)

    Tim stopped to answer my email and close his support forum

    very bad

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