WP Pipeline Pro – New WordPress Centralized Management Plugin for Backups, Updates, Upgrades, Plugins and Themes

No Longer Available

This software is no longer available. I currently recommend ManageWP with 2-Factor Authentication.

Geez…I’ve been looking for this for a while. I have over 30+ installations of WordPress.

Whenever an update comes out, I feel the dread of logging into every single site and upgrading my theme, core files and plugins. One by one. Finally, there’s a solution that doesn’t require a monthly fee.

Before I go any further, yes, there are solutions like ManageWP. Unfortunately, they charge a monthly fee that increases as you add extra WP installations and features. This can get very expensive very quickly.

Enter this new WP Management plugin…WP Pipeline Pro.

This new plugin offers unlimited, centralized WP site management for only $47 for a limited time.

Here’s what really impressed me about this plugin:

  • Runs on your own server (efficiently and securely).
  • Unlimited satellite sites included.
  • Update WP, themes or plugins from one place.
  • Creates new blogs.
  • Clones blogs.
  • Backs up blogs.
  • Deploy themes and plugins (free or paid ones).
  • User management.

With the security attacks going around, you need to keep your blogs updated. This will do it.

Get it out now at http://nowclick.me/pipeline

To your success,

Jesus Perez

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