WP Pipeline Pro – New WordPress Centralized Management Plugin for Backups, Updates, Upgrades, Plugins and Themes

No Longer Available

This software is no longer available. I currently recommend ManageWP with 2-Factor Authentication.

Geez…I’ve been looking for this for a while. I have over 30+ installations of WordPress.

Whenever an update comes out, I feel the dread of logging into every single site and upgrading my theme, core files and plugins. One by one. Finally, there’s a solution that doesn’t require a monthly fee.

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Do You Suffer From Internet Marketing Software Overload?

Today I was reading a great post by Glenn Livingston on the topic of Doberman Dan and direct mail. One part of his post reminded me of my own past frustrations with internet marketing software. So I fired up a long comment which was rejected because the Captcha security code was wrong. And after correcting the Captcha, WordPress said I was commenting too quickly. So, here is my comment to Glenn on his current online business setup. [Read more…]

Cheap Camtastia Studio Alternative for Screencasts or Screen Recording

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Google Apps Backup Software Review

I’ve been using Google Apps for many years. In fact, it’s one of my initial steps in domain creation. Recently, however, I stumbled upon a disturbing post where a Google Apps account was banned. [Read more…]