StreamSend Review

Welcome to my StreamSend Review. If you do any kind of business online, you know the importance of having the right tools. If you’ve been thinking of adding to the online marketing tools you use, you’ve probably thought about getting an email autoresponder system. After all, there’s a lot of money to be made with email marketing, and a robust autoresponder is the only way to really make money with email marketing. StreamSend has become the autoresponder of choice for plenty of Internet marketers, so I decided to check it out and report my findings in this StreamSend review.

StreamSend Review: Impressive Tracking Tools

The first thing that I noticed about StreamSend is their powerful tracking and analytical tools. We all know how important it is to stay on top of statistics, trending and other important information related to our businesses. The analytic tools included with StreamSend make it simple to stay on top of all the vital stats related to your email marketing efforts. If you’re serious about growing your business, you know that you’ve got to track stats, and StreamSend makes it simple to track virtually everything related to your email campaigns.

StreamSend Review on List Management Features

Building a list, and managing a list are two very different things. Virtually any autoresponder can help you build your list, but many of them fall short when it comes to allowing you to manage your email list. StreamSend, on the other hand, has a great feature that allows you to easily stay on top of your list management duties. You can tell, at a glance, who has opted in or canceled out of your list. That way you always know where your email list stands, and you don’t have to waste time or effort doing it either. This is an important deciding factor in this StreamSend review.

StreamSend Review on User Interface Issues

I really dig StreamSend, but their HTML editing interface leaves a bit to be desired. This one issue detracts a bit from all the positive aspects of StreamSend. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to fight with a text editor, just to compose a simple email message, but that seems to happen more often than it should with StreamSend. Luckily, I have read that they are making some improvements to their HTML editor, but as it stands right now, it certainly is a frustrating detractor from an otherwise impressive autoresponder solution.

StreamSend Review: The Bottom Line

StreamSend ReviewFor the sake of this StreamSend Review, it isn’t the best autoresponder system, but it certainly isn’t the worst either. My StreamSend review awards StreamSend major points for having one of the best reporting systems available. It even integrates with Google Analytics to provide some of the best statistics reporting around. And even though the HTML editor can be frustrating at times, there do seem to be improvements taking place to remedy those problems, which is certainly an encouraging sign for StreamSend subscribers.

Since StreamSend lets you try their services free for 30 days, you can easily take it for a spin and see what you think of it. You may discover that it suits all of your email marketing needs and decide to continue. But even if you don’t, that first month is free, so you won’t be out a dime. This StreamSend Review comes in with 3.5 stars.

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