Frank Kern’s “Good Karma” Video Installation Instructions


This is OLD software with zero support. There is much better software available that allows you to offer rewards to List Subscribers for referring friends. And it integrates with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and 100’s of Social Sites. >> Click Here to Learn More <<

Frank decided to pull down the videos to Good Karma. Since I use GetResponse, I can’t shoot a video with the setup…but I can type up the instructions. Here’s what you need to do:

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Butterfly Marketing Script Explained in Detail

Butterfly Marketing is no longer available.

What Does the Butterfly Marketing Script Do?
I see this question a lot ever since the Butterfly Marketing script went Open Source and the website doesn’t really explain it’s true purpose.

Here is a semi-detailed explanation of the script.

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YourMember Review: A WordPress Membership Plugin

Lately I’ve had my eye on WordPress in order to fulfill my needs for a membership website. I originally wanted a Joomla Membership site plugin but couldn’t find any decent ones that didn’t involve messing around with ridiculous amounts of code. After all my searches, I kept coming back to YourMember by Cambridge New Media Services. This is my review after installing it on a client’s website.

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