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Thanks for visiting my MailChimp Review. In the world of autoresponders, one name stands out as the most memorable – MailChimp. With a name like that, you have to wonder whether or not this autoresponder service is on the level, or are they just monkeying around to get your money? We decided to head out on a fact finding safari of our own to find out the real story for this MailChimp review.

What is MailChimp

MailChimp is an email service provider that can send out a one-time email newsletter or schedule emails to get delivered on auto-pilot. There aren’t many reviews of Mail Chimp so let’s get started with some of their features.

MailChimp Review: Lots of Great Features

I guess since monkeys are known for being agile and entertaining, that it should come as no surprise that MailChimp is a versatile, and slightly entertaining email autoresponder. Feature for feature, MailChimp can easily compete with the biggest autoresponder systems – even Aweber. In fact, MailChimp has so many features that it may well be the most versatile autoresponder system on the market.

MailChimp Review: Impressive MailChimp Features

  • Easy social media integration. You know how important social media sites are when it comes to making an impression online. MailChimp has several social media sharing functions, so all of your email blasts can be coordinated with concurrent social media notifications. And since the social media sharing options are so intuitive to use, there’s no reason not to incorporate them into all of your marketing messages and newsletter blasts.
  • The Inbox Inspector. Have you ever wondered what your email offer will look like in different types of email clients? Well, you won’t have to wonder anymore, as the Inbox Inspector shows you exactly what your message will look like in all the major email clients. That way you can make important formatting changes before you send a single message to your list. This is a big point on our Mailchimp review.
  • MailChimp iPhone. If you’re like me, you probably depend on your smart phone to stay in touch with your business, no matter where you go. If you have an iPhone, you can use the MailChimp iPhone app to manage your email list, view statistic reports and even add new members to your list. This is such a cool feature that definitely gives MailChimp an advantage over many of the other autoresponder systems.

MailChimp Review: Any Bad Points?

MailChimp ReviewWhile all the features of MailChimp make it a very formidable autoresponder system, it is by no means perfect. For all its good points, sometimes MailChimp can be a bad little monkey and this must be mentioned in this MailChimp review. Sometimes it seems like the MailChimp website is a bit slow. Perhaps it’s because this autoresponder system is so robust, but whatever it is, it can be pretty annoying to deal with. The slowness is especially prevalent when running reports, and can be a real pain to put up with when you’re in a hurry. Update: The slowness issues have disappeared since this review was written.

MailChimp Review of Their Terms of Service

Before you sign up with MailChimp, be sure to check out their terms of service. Our MailChimp review of their legal terms explained that a lot of high-risk business niches like affiliate marketing are banned from using their service. So make sure you glance their TOS before signing up.

Other than MailChimp being a bit strict on their terms of service, it really is a powerful, intuitive and impressive autoresponder system. While not everyone will have the inclination, or time to use all the features, it is nice to know they are there if you ever want to experiment and test some new email marketing tools.

Thanks again for reading my Mailchimp Review. If you really want to see the future of autoresponders, it’s my opinion that MailChimp is leading the way. You can even sign up for a free account to get acquainted with MailChimp, just to see if it’s the right autoresponder solution for your online business. In my opinion, MailChimp is one tough act to follow so we’ve given them 4.5 stars out of 5.

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