HitTail Review – A Comprehensive Review of HitTail by a Blogger

Looking for a comprehensive HitTail Review? I’ve put together a detailed HitTail Review weighing the pros and cons for various blog owners.

The other day I stumbled upon a keyword service called HitTail and decided to write a review of my experiences. So far I’ve been pretty impressed. HitTail is a unique tool that helps you increase organic search engine traffic by analyzing your existing keywords and making suggestions for new articles. Here are some of it’s features straight from their website:

HitTail Review – Features

  • See the most promising keywords you should target based on your existing traffic
  • Watch search visitors arrive in real-time
  • Receive email alerts for new keyword suggestions
  • Analyze a stunning visual display of your long tail keywords

So it’s not your average keyword tool. It’s probably better to think of HitTail as an SEO assistant that looks through all your existing keywords and then suggests new long tail keywords that can bring in additional traffic. There’s only one minor drawback. You need to be receiving at least 1000 visits per month for the tool to make frequent recommendations. Anything less may create some frustration. Don’t look at this as a downside, however, since you can simply write more content to increase your traffic and keywords.

HitTail Requirements

Now, before I get into the installation, I need to cover the requirements for HitTail. They’re pretty short.

  • Your website or blog hosting platform must allow JavaScript code.
  • You cannot have a blog hosted on WordPress.com. Private installations of WordPress.org are fine.
  • You cannot register a subfolder of a website. You may only register a top level domain or subdomain.
  • You cannot place the same tracking code on a subdomain of a website that is already registered. You can register the subdomain as a new website with its own unique tracking code.
  • They recommend 1000 visits per month.

HitTail Installation on StudioPress

For the sake of this HitTail review, I need to disclose that I use StudioPress by Genesis. In regards to to this theme, installation was a breeze. After signing up, they give you some code to paste into your blog’s theme file right before the closing </body> tag. Since I’m using StudioPress, it was as simple as installing the Simple Hooks plugin and then pasting the code into the genesis_after textbox. Their website instantly recognized the code and analysis began. If I didn’t have StudioPress, I could have easily used the HitTail WordPress plugin instead.

hittail review studiopress installationHitTail Review Dashboard

Once it’s installed, we let HitTail review your incoming keyword data as shown below. It shows you how much of your traffic comes from Top Ten keywords and long tail keywords. As keywords are collected, HitTail reviews them and begins to make suggestions for new articles. You can then move the suggestions to your ToDo list. From there, you can order a 400 word article directly from HitTail for $19 or write some new content for yourself. Some people are even using the keywords in PPC campaigns and as LSI keywords in their existing posts to boost ranking.

hittail review keyword screenshot

HitTail review of my keywords and popularity

Why is HitTail Analyzing Long Tail Keywords?

Most of the bloggers I know are receiving 60% of their traffic from really weird long tail keywords. These long tail keywords were stumbled upon completely by accident over the course of writing a blog post. They never planned to target the long tail keywords…they just sort of happened.

Now imagine if they woke up every morning and analyzed all those keywords to look for even more hidden long tail keywords within the hundreds of keywords they already rank for? Can you see the potential? Because I can. I’m such a believer that, within 1 day of receiving a keyword suggestion, I posted a brand new article focused around their suggested keyword.

hittail review keyword suggestion

Screenshot of a HitTail Keyword Suggestion

In case you can’t see, the suggestion was “recording podcasts with ipad”. You can see my new blog post here.

HitTail Support

This might impact my review of HitTail, but I can’t really comment on support since I haven’t had to contact them. However, their team is very approachable. Every few days, one of their Reps sends me an email with tips and ideas on using HitTail. Thanks, Rob! I swear I’m reading them.

hittail review support screenshot

A sample email from HitTail’s Support Team

Final HitTail Review Verdict

I’ve reached the end of my HitTail review and it’s hard to give a final verdict since I’m only 10 days into the trial. However, I plan on staying with them for a few months to monitor the success of my campaigns. Remember, in this post Penguin and Panda era, good content is necessary. And as you already know, good content starts with good keyword research. It’s time consuming to power up Market Samurai and check on long tail keywords for my main keywords. It’s much easier to simply sit back and write “main keyword” content and let HitTail review my existing keywords and send me the long tail suggestions that have already been identified as golden nuggets.

If you’re serious about writing blog content and getting search engine traffic, this is a powerful tool to keep in your blogging arsenal. Your comments about my HitTail review or your individual experiences are welcome below.

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