Frank Kern’s “Good Karma” Video Installation Instructions


This is OLD software with zero support. There is much better software available that allows you to offer rewards to List Subscribers for referring friends. And it integrates with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and 100’s of Social Sites. >> Click Here to Learn More <<

Frank decided to pull down the videos to Good Karma. Since I use GetResponse, I can’t shoot a video with the setup…but I can type up the instructions. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. You’ll need a domain name and your own host like Hostgator, Bluehost, Lunarpages, Dreamhost, etc. PHP/MySQL Linux based, please.
    2. You need to upload the files to your host. You can do this via your Host’s Control Panel aka Cpanel (step 3 below), or via FTP step 4 below).
    3. Upload via FTP. Unzip the files and upload them to your public_html or www folder.
    4. Upload via CPanel: In Cpanel, click on the File Manager. Select Web Root, Click “Upload” and select Frank’s zip file. Upload it. Then, select the Zip file and click “Extract”.
    5. Create Your Database. In Cpanel, click MySQL Database Wizard by entering a Database Name, User and Password. Then, assign the user All Privileges to that database. Take note of all the names you used.
    6. Go to Setup: In a browser, pull up and enter your DB address (most use “localhost” without the quotes but dreamhost uses a weird url). Enter the database name, user and password you selected earlier. Click Next.
    7. Login on the next page. The default is admin/admin.
    8. Change your password in “Admin password”.
    9. Open a new browser and go to your account at
    10. Create a new list. Click on “Create and Manage Lists” and create a new list. Give the list a “list name” and write it down, you’ll need it later. Don’t save yet because you need to…
    11. Update Aweber Success page. While making the list (or if you saved go edit it) make sure to setup the Success Page as Check the “Pass Subscriber Info” box!!! Save the list.
    12. Create an Aweber Web Form. Still at Aweber. Go to Web Forms and create a new one. Then click Publish. Don’t touch anything but Publish. Then Save. Then select “I Will Install My Form”. In the Javascript code that appears, write down the 10 numerical digits that appear before .js”>. We’re done at!
    13. Go back to your Aweber setup page on the Good Karma script. In Aweber Merchant ID, enter the List Name from step 10. In Aweber Merchant Form, enter the 10 digit numerical code. Click Setup.
    14. Skip “Users”…that’s only to see the optins.
    15. Go to Content. Title is what appears in your Title on the browser.Front pagedisplays content on the Front page above the optin form. You can paste in any form of HTML or YouTube video code…anything. You can type the code in any HTML editor like Kompozer and paste in the HTML.Thank You page appears above the Referral link. You should tell people “Thank you”, to confirm their email and tell them to “refer a friend using the link below”, etc. Accepts HTML.Member page displays content in their “stats” area. Accepts HTML.Confirmed page. Remember Step 11? This is the page Aweber kicks people to after they’ve opted in and clicked the confirmation link in their email account. This is where you deliver Cool Thing #1.

      Done here!

    16. Click Emails. Support email is the email it’s sending “updates” from.Signup Email: Thanks for signing up. Please look for the email that says “Confirm” in the subject so you can get cool thing #1.Reward Email: You’ve just referred someone! Keep em coming!Reward Reached: Thanks for the referrals, here’s cool thing #2.
    17. Click Rewards: Referrals Needed should be the number of emails required to get a referral. 3 for example would mean a person must refer 3 people to get cool thing #2. Referrel Link is the URL location of cool thing reward #2. This URL shows up in the members area after 3 referrals. It’s also sent via email in Step 16.
    18. The rest of the video was tweaking the HTML on the front page.
    19. Good luck!!

EDIT: Since posting this, new, competing (and better software) is available. Click here.

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