Internet Marketer’s Ultimate Resource List

“Where can I get some free stock photos, graphics,  images, vector, buttons of sounds for internet marketing?” I see this question a lot. Here is a full list of resources I’ve collected over the years.

Free Webinar Providers and Meeting Services

  • MeetingBurner. My choice for Online Meetings and Webinars.  It records meetings, allows screen sharing with a lightweight Java application. Allow others to present. I love it and it’s never crashed on me once. I’ve also never lost a recording.
  • Zoho Meeting. Classic meeting software. Only allows one to one free meetings. True meeting software with very few extras in the free account.
  • Join.Me. Super fast, impromptu one-to-one meeting/screensharing software. Perfect for simple “I gotta show you this” moments that don’t need to be recorded.

Free Internet Marketing Graphics Creator

  • Free Marketing Graphics Creator Creates Guarantees, Buttons, Boxes, Headlines and more via a website editor. There are no downloads or installs. Everything is created on-the-fly using the website.
  • Free Ecover Creator. Who doesn’t want a free eCover creator? C’mon!

Free Screencast and Screen Recording Software

  • Screencast-O-Matic Free version limited to 12 minutes, Pro is unlimited and $12/yr. Pretty damn good for semi-short presentations.
  • Jing My favorite. Free and Pro versions are limited to 5 minutes. Free is Branded. Pro is unbranded and allows MP4 downloads for $14.95/yr. Also takes screenshots and allows basic screenshot editing.
  • Screenr Another one of my favorites. Limited to 5 minutes. They only brand the player….not the video. All videos are Public for now. There are no limits to the amount of videos or uploads.

Free Stock Photos

Free Vector Art

Free Icons

Free Buttons for Marketers

Free Sound, Music and Loops

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